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New Facebook Comments Box

Hello, Facebook Games List users, one new improvement was made to the site, you can now comment using your Facebook account, it is easier than ever.

Another great thing that comes with this new feature, is that you can add friends for your favorite games directly in the comment box, just leave an “add me”, and other Facebook users can now, click on you profile to add you, nice!

Even another great functionality, it is now much more easy to ask for help, one of the problems we add, was that many times we could not identify correctly the person asking for help, another problem was that some times users asked for help and placed their question, others replied and answered, but you had to visit the page frequently to see if if there was any answer to your question, now you don’t need anymore.

After you place a comment, you will automatically be warned in your Facebook profile, when there is a reply to your comment or question!


New Top Facebook Games

Another great addition to Facebook Games list is our new Top Facebook Games Section, you can find it in the bottom right of the page, with the Top Games by Month.

Starting this month, we will provide you once a month with a Top Games update, with lots of useful information, I don’t want to spoil the fun so I’m not revealing more, so stay tuned…

As always we appreciate your opinion, so leave a comment, suggestion that you thing might improve the page further, THANKS!

Facebook Games List team.

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User Reviews, Comments or add friends


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