Zombie Island

  • Genre: Island Management, Farming, Zombie
  • Developer: 6waves Lolapps
  • Monthly Users: 100000
  • GD Star Rating

Zombie Island is a new farming and management Facebook game from 6Waves, where you can run and island of Zombies, well basically it is Paradise Island but with zombies, the secret is, as with all great Facebook games, to wrap it up in great graphics and characters that you can really enjoy, that is the case with Zombie Island! It shows some of the best graphics you can see in a Facebook game, flawless animation and great sense of humor (just watch when you call a stone miner to work).

In Zombie Island you take the role of the Zombie in charge of managing the island, you have to plow, plant and collect the resources, like stone and wood, you also have to build structures and look for treasure. But you are not alone, you have other zombies to help out, each comes with a particular type of building, and a plot of land where they rest, when you need them you have to give them a brain!

Brain are like the energy system on Zombie Island, for each task you need other zombie to do you’ll need a brain, there are several ways to get brains, you can rent them by paying Zombucks, you also get them by leveling up and as reward from several quests, or you can just bury your friends to get their brains!

Zombie Island gameplay is very standard, with all the usual stuff, lots of quest, lots of tasks, some buildings and quests that will require you to ask your friends for some resources, huge set of collections.

Another part of the game is the cooking area, where you can cook some of the most weird recipes you can imagine.

Zombie Island already uses the new standard large game screen, while not in Full Screen mode (which is also available), but the game seems to  have been developed for the previous game screen as some interface stuff like the options bar, are a little into the game play area.

Either if you like Zombie games or just go with the Halloween season, this is just about the right time to try Zombie Island!

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