• Genre: Role playing
  • Developer: Team Vienna
  • GD Star Rating

Zombiees! is a new Facebook game, where you have to fight hordes of funny looking zombies, following the recent zombie trend on Facebook games,  this is another ones, and you can find them for all genres, this one is a text based role playing game, with really catchy graphics and comics appointments.

You have your character and his little helper, and you have to find out why everybody you know turn into a zombie, you start in the University Campus, you have to fight zombies in animated sequences, for each task you receive a reward, on the form of experience or resources. As you gain experience you will have access to better weapons and equipment.

You can also invite friend to your party, or challenge them in the fight Club with your little companion, challenges are played with a funny rock, paper, scissor game.

As for the role playing features, you have an inventory, skill points to increase your stats, basically attack and defense, and you can craft better weapons with the right ingredients.

As for the gameplay option, there are none, no full screen, no zoom or even sound, which ultimately is kind of a bummer, with a such well designed and presented game, even so, Zombiees! is a game worth checking out!

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Zombiees!, 4.9 out of 5 based on 37 ratings

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