Zoo Paradise

  • Genre: Zoo Management
  • Developer: CrowdStar
  • Monthly Users: 10000
  • GD Star Rating
Start an animal wonderland with penguins, polar bears, monkeys and more! Upgrade your habitats to attract more visitors. Keep them happy so that they’ll spend more money in your Zoo Paradise!

Zoo Paradise is a zoo simulation Facebook game and a great one. Zoo Paradise is probably the best zoo sim to date. Its features are standard, but implemented with polish and attention to detail.

Zoo Paradise begins with an empty area you need to develop into an attractive zoo. You choose which animal habitats to buy and where to place them, then fill them with appropriate animals. If you max out the number of animals a given habitat can hold, then it’s time to upgrade.

While you’re waiting to feed animals or finish upgrades, Zoo Paradise offers some random events to keep you interested. There’s a finch-collecting mini-game you can play to build up a free bird attraction for your zoo that involves checking all around your zoo map for particular flying finches.

You collect the bird when you click on it successfully and then can earn unique birds by having friends send them to you. Random coins appear around the park, as do random chunks of litter you need to clear away for XP. A match-3 minigame and a very easy trivia minigame also spawn randomly once per day, offering extra money. Socially there’s not much to do in the game besides visit a friend’s zoo and send gifts.

Zoo Paradise‘s implementation is nearly flawless. Game graphics and sound are great which makes this one of the best games in its genre.

Tips and Tricks

Zoo Paradise tips

Have The Maximum Number Of Neighbors

Just like other social games on Facebook, you want to have the maximum number of neighbors possible to help you out the most in the game. To do this, make sure that you’ve signed up on our forums and are posting where you need neighbors so that they can find you. Also, make sure that you’re adding other people that are posted there as well to ensure that you’re getting the most neighbors possible for Zoo Paradise.

Use Your Friends To Your Advantage

During your game play, you’ll get pop ups that ask you to help out a friend or neighbors.  Don’t neglect these as they’ll offer you some excellent perks when you do. Also, you want to make sure that you’re visiting your friends and neighbors every day when you log in! This will help you get more coins and experience points every day without doing much at all.

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Zoo Paradise Gameplay

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