Zoo World 2

  • Genre: Tycoon, Zoo Management
  • Developer: Rockyou
  • Monthly Users: 1000000
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Zoo World 2 is what we expect it to be?

In Zoo World Facebook sequel you can collect animals from all over the world and build up a world-class zoo and home for endangered species. As the head of your own zoo, you can breed and nurture your baby animals as they grow into happy adults. Great freedom to decorate your zoo how you want it to look is one of  the bonus in this game. Whether you want a lush, wild jungle with toucans and chimpanzees or a natural African Savannah with lions, elephants, and giraffes, Zoo World 2 will allow you to easily customize animal cages, paths, and terrain.

And here it is one of the most awaited games of the season, Zoo World 2 promises a lot, does it perform?

Just one week after another great game by Zynga, Empires & Allies, Zoo World 2 beta as become live an hour ago as I write this review.
If you go to their Facebook fan page, you can read:

Hi Zookeepers! You’ve all seen that Zoo World 2 Beta is up and running, and we’ve been thrilled with all the feedback and suggestions from everyone. If you haven’t had a chance yet, please “like” the Zoo World 2 Fan Page and update your reviews! As an act of Zookeeper appreciation, we’re giving everyone 5 FREE WLPs for use in Zoo World 1 from now until Friday June 10th at1PM Pacific. Thanks again and happy Zoo Keeping! http://bit.ly/jssS01

Go and get some free Wild Life Points, after which you will receive the option to enter the game through this screen:

This will go to Zoo World original game, but as soon as you enter another popup appears:

From here on you set to go, you will go through a little tutorial, nothing much, for those how played the original game, this will introduce to some new features and task.

As expected for a sequel, the game graphics are much more detailed and sharp, the animals, buildings and decorations are catchy and also full of detail.

Building now requires you to place the structure and give it some more clicks to finish, some to build and finally one last ribbon cutting to open it for business, many games feature this detail because it adds more interactivity from the players with the game, giving a sense of reality and at the same time offering more things to do, even if its just some more clicks, this might get boring later in the game as you’ll have lots of stuff to do, and you will have to click 3 times more. Another thing is that all this clicking spend more energy 🙂

Another thing that will keep you busy is the structures building, its no longer buy and place simple click… now you have much more liberty in placement, and much more work, this will give players a lot to improvise.

The places for the animals have to be built stone by stone, or grass by grass, depending on what you want to do, you will have to place each component, meaning that you have to place the grass, on the desired extension, and then you have to build the fence for those animals, you also have to build the path for visitors to walk, making the game much more deep than its predecessor.

Some of us will be able to recreate truly fantastic habitats for their animals, due to all the decorations and options available.

Bottom line, this is as was expected another GIANT game for Facebook, will praise the fans and surely bring new players to the game, it might even bring players that have given up on the first game, because it was to much buy and placed more than anything.

Zoo World is a fantastic strategy game, that requires a lot of planing for more demanding player while at the same time can be a very nice and cute game for more casual players.

Don’t miss our tutorial, and important tips in the next page…

Tips and Tricks

How to play Zoo World 2 Guide

This is basically a image tutorial, some say 1 images is worth a thousand words, so here are some for beginners to start the game:

The first part of the tutorial is quite strait forward, Jane is you guide, and will tell the basics about the game.

Hearts play an important role in the game, Hearts can be collected from animals that are well-fed.  To get hearts, feed an animal and wait the specified period of time.  When ready, the animal will have a heart ready for you to collect! Hearts are needed for breeding.  You cannot breed unless you have enough hearts.

You also need to feed your animals to keep them healty, you feed them by clicking on the feeding bowls.

Increasing you animal population through breeding requires two animals of the same species. You have to by another monkey and place them together.

The shop is where you buy animals, buildings, decorations, terrain, expansions etc.

Grow your zoo by breeding endangered species.  To breed, get two adults of the same species and place them right next to each other.  When you have a pair, you will see a pink highlight outlining the two animals.  Make sure you feed and collect hearts for each animal.

You can start breeding by clicking on an animal in a pair with bubbling hearts.  When the dialog appears, click “Breed” and place the nest on your zoo.  Click on the nest to prepare it for the baby.

The stork will fly in and drop off the bundle.  Make sure you come back later because the baby will need to be taken out of the bundle and fed after a certain amount of time. Baby animals that are not tended too will become lonely and sad.

Now you have to place the breeding nest for the baby.

Each baby animal is ready to come out of the bundle after a specified amount of time.  Make sure you come back in time because your baby will need to be fed in order to grow into a healthy adult.

If you are away, you can select “Post to wall when hungry” on the breeding dialog, so your friends can help you take care of it too! Note this will automatically post to your wall only if you have not exceeded the maximum number of posts per day.

After this you should level up, each time you level up you get rewarded, and new items will unlock.

At this point the tutorial is over, but the quests that follow will tell you the basics in various different aspects of the game.

Important Zoo World 2 game tips


Energy needs to be spent whenever you take care of your animals or collect from kiosks.  You earn 1 energy every 5 minutes until you hit the maximum amount of energy, whether you are on the game or not.  You can also get more energy by getting your friends to send you energy gifts, purchasing energy in the shop with food or Facebook credits, or visiting your friends daily.

Moving animals together

As you already know at this point, you need to have to animals from the same species closer so they can breed, if their are not, for any reason, you can place them together by using the move option. You can use this to move other objects in the game.


If you place something by mistake, a fence or a path, don’t panic!

All you have to do is look for the STORAGE button and place the item back to storage, from here you can use it and place it again in the correct place. This is something I think will happen a lot, due the enormous quantity of thing players have to place like fence and paths.

Getting more energy in Zoo World 2

There are 2 main ways to get more energy, by asking friends or by trading food for energy. You can trade food for energy at the shop, in the energy tab. Remember food storage is limited to 300, so use it for energy from time to time.

Every time you feed an animal, clicking the golden bowl, it will release experience and food in the form of popcorns this is what you can trade for energy.

If you have any doubts just let us know, maybe another player knows the answer, and we will for sure try to help too.

You have additional info or tips? Share it using the comments!

Keep coming back, as we are always updating!!


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