Zoo World

  • Genre: Zoo Management
  • Developer: RockYou!
  • Monthly Users: 1000000
  • GD Star Rating

Zoo World is a tycoon game that places you in charge of an ever-growing public zoo. Like any good tycoon game, the object here is raise the financial value of your zoo while keeping all of your customers happy. This means providing adequate parking, restrooms, shopping and food in addition to maintaining a large assortment of animals as your main attraction.

Play Zoo on Likeness, RockYou Live, Horoscopes, Hug Me and Birthday Cards to become the best zookeeper in the world!

Collect animals, breed endangered species, buy kiosks and recruit your friends as zookeepers as you attempt to build the world’s greatest zoo!

Special Features:

+ Hundreds of animals – Collect rare and ultra rare species!
+ Breed endangered animals – Help save endangered species by helping them breed!
+ Gift animals – Help friends grow their zoo by sending them new animals!

Extra Support

For extra support click the “Help” tab in game.

  • It is best to start out your ticket price very low at $1.00 and change it from time to time to see at which price you have the highest profit. You can change the price at any time. The best time for a price increase is after you add a few animals and the size of your Zoo increases along with your number of visitors.
  • Some of the level requirements are very difficult and expensive. Be sure to do daily visits and click on the trees of your Neighbors for the most profit.
  • When visiting your Neighbors you will want to click on each one of their animals as you try to find the hidden secret bonus. It is best to start with your Neighbors at the very end of your friend list with the smallest Zoos at it will take very little time to search for the bonus money. Once you reach your top level friends they may have up to 10 plots of land and it will take quite a while to search for the hidden bonus but you will have a lot more trees, topiaries and statues you can also click on for coins.
  • The Zoo lottery is available to play as many times as you wish but it will cost you 2 Wildlife dollars to play and you have very low odds of winning a match as you have to choose from over 100 animals. Play this only if you have the money to spare.
  • Trees are a great investment as you will be able to click on them daily to earn extra income. There are several trees that upgrade over time and give even more money.
  • Anytime you see a free topiary on the live feeds be sure to click on it as these will earn you coins if you click on them each day and it really adds up.
  • Saving lost animals, and feeding newly bred animals on the live feed will earn you big bucks. Be sure to click on these links any time you see them.
  • Try to gift your friends a free item each day. People tend to gift you the item you send to them in this game so keep this in mind when sending gifts.
  • Keep an eye on your Zoo Report Card. If you earn all A’s in the categories you can be certain you are obtaining the maximum profit for your Zoo size.
  • Sometimes the level instructions can be confusing. If you are told to buy a certain amount of an item it means you need to buy exactly what it says right at this time. If you needed to purchase 10 Eagles but you already have 8 you still need to purchase 10, not 2 more.
  • Keep the game open at least an hour a day. While the game is open you are earning money every 5 minutes which is a Zoo day. There is a timer at the top of the screen that counts down every 5 minutes and when the time is up you earn the amount listed next to “Profit” at the top of the screen.
  • When you have enough Wildlife points purchase a tree that will give you wildlife points each day when you click on it. This way when you have finished all the levels (which award you wildlife points when completed) you will have another way to keep earning them.
  • When you are playing the game be sure to post anything that will give your neighbors a potential profit but keep any post that just announces achievements to a minimum as people will sometimes delete players that clog the feeds with these messages.
  • As soon as you have the money start training your Bald Eagle as this takes a lot of time and you will need it to level up. Make a habit of going to the animal and hitting the “Train” button as soon as you log in to the game.
  • TIP – It is entirely possible that you could complete a level requirement for a future level. For example while collecting 2 of every animal for level 22 you may have collected the required items for another level. It is a really great idea to read over the level requirements listed below and read ahead of where you are to see if you can knock out later objectives.
  • TIP – Changing your ticket price to $1.00 will show you the maximum number of customers you can have in a day. You can use this information when trying to fulfill level requirements.
  • TIP – As you advance test ticket prices with different amounts and note your profit and number of visitors for the day. If you add a large number of animals or attractions be sure to check this number as it changes frequently and once you hit $16.00 per ticket you can just leave it there as it does not fluctuate once you reach that point of the game.
  • NOTE – When your Zoo reaches a value of over 10 Million the value will be truncated and you will not be able to see the last 3 digits so it will seem as if you are not earning additional income. Place your mouse over this area and you will be able to see the total amount you have coming in.
  • TIP – Spiders are not insects. When you need to unlock the insects purchase Butterflies.

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