Zorg Empire

  • Genre: Space Strategy
  • Developer: NA
  • Monthly Users: 81
  • GD Star Rating

Zorg Empire is a space strategy Facebook game.

You start the game by building mines and harvest precious resources on your home planet, as well as construct a variety of useful structures for your space empire. These structures include Solar Plants, Metal Mines and Crystal Plants.

Research is an important part of Zorg Empire, develop powerful new technologies and expand your space  knowledge. Part of your strategy is that you must build up a powerful fleet defend your space empire and create several planet defenses to protect your empire.  You also have to plan and attack other planets to loot their resources and expand your empire.

Other features include building up your own colony ship, to colonize other planets, and expand your space empire. You can also use espionage to track down useful information about your opponents, helping you to prepare against  their attacks and plan your. Form powerful alliances with your friends, ensuring a stable and permanent place on the cosmic map.

Facebook players will have access to the standard map, to play the other 2 available you will have to play directly on the game server.

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Zorg Empire , 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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