Zuma Blitz

  • Genre: Arcade, Puzzle
  • Developer: PopCap
  • Monthly Users: 500000
  • GD Star Rating

Get ready to challenge your friends in Zuma Blitz, the blazing-fast new game from the makers of Bejeweled Blitz! Blast balls from your fearless frog, race the clock, and destroy chains before you’re devoured by the golden skull. Work your Mojo to gain XP, unlock power-ups, and leap up the leaderboard!

Zuma Blitz is a game whose quality and polish well exceed that of most other titles you might play that have been on Facebook for years. There’s none of the usual launch lag, instability, lost progress, or missing features. That’s good, because Zuma’s action-based gameplay would completely fall apart in an environment that failed to run smoothly.

In Zuma Blitz you launch colored balls at groups of other colored balls with the same pinpoint accuracy you can in the downloadable Zuma. Match three or more and you’re rewarded with points. All of the usual scoring rules apply, although power-ups work a bit differently.

Zuma Blitz

You earn a little XP every time you play a game and can buy potions to level up more quickly. Every game where you wish to use particular power-ups, you have to pay their full Mojo cost.

Zuma Blitz


With Zuma Blitz, PopCap Games have successfully taken what worked so well in Bejeweled Blitz and improved upon it in many ways, especially how power-ups are incorporated into gameplay.

Zuma Blitz is already an excellent game that all Facebook players should try.

Tips and Tricks

Zuma Blitz guide and Tips

General Tips

  • Go for multipliers first. Then timer bonuses. If you are short on time, go for the timer ball. If necessary and possible, you may discard balls off the screen rapidly until you get a color that you need to get that bonus.
  • If a multiplier bonus disappears, you can still get the bonus if you destroy the ball containing the multiplier within a few seconds after it disappears.
  • Either play fast or play strategically. Since additional points are rewarded based on both your chain bonus and how close you are to the red frog bonus, it’s helpful to work fast.
  • If you’re fast enough, it’s best to keep making matches until you get a red frog for curve clears, then when you have a high multiplier base, work on gap shots. The multipliers gained instead will more than make up the difference from those shots.
  • On boards with short tracks, it can become dangerous to rack up a lot of curve clears. As each successive curve clear causes balls to come back rapidly further and further down the track each time to do it, clearing a curve enough times can cause balls to rapidly come from the starting position to the mouth in less than 2 seconds, ending your game. See Death by Curve Clear.
  • As you approach the red frog bonus, the balls you fire will speed up significantly.
  • Gap shots are key to high scores, especially very close gaps. They typically add five (and sometimes six) digits to your score if pulled off right. You can set them up in a way to continuously do this. See this post on gapshots.
  • Don’t invest in ball-clearing powerups when going for gap shots, they kill these opportunities easily. Additionally they do not provide as many points.
  • Go for fruit if possible. Hitting them won’t break your chain bonus, and they are rewarding over time, especially with the Epic Fruit power.
  • If you hit a time bonus via a combo when the timer is up, you get a huge ‘consolation bonus’.
  • Mojo points are based on how many balls you cleared, which is discussed in the level up table.
  • Red Frog + Cannon Shot = three explosion balls.
  • The red frog meter takes 20 ball matches to fill up. If you wait more than a second between matches, it won’t fill.
  • Try playing with no sound; it can help you concentrate better during the last 15 seconds of the game. Not looking at your score counter either until after the game also helps.
  • After around two minutes of playtime, the balls will be twice as fast as when you first started the game, so you will either need to lead your shots or have balls close to the end of the track so you have more time to react.
  • Keep playing for XP, leveling up actually means something. Higher levels = more powers = earn more points easily. Yes, you get something every level up. A near comprehensive list (updated daily) is listed on this post.

Board Specific Tips

The number in brackets indicate the blog author’s high score for the board, if you want a challenge.

Legacy Boards
(since first playing it)
Boss Board (Dec 7-Dec 13)
Ancestral Tongue (Dec 14-Dec 20)
Creeper Copse (winter version) (Dec 21-Dec 27)
Searing Visage (Lava Board) (Dec 28-Jan 3)
Shark Den (Jan 4-10)
Double Danger (Jan 11-17)
Beach Board (Jan 18-24)
Aqua Board (Jan 25-31)
Creeper Copse (Feb 1-7)

Boards Unique to Zuma Blitz
Valentine’s Day Board (Feb 8-14) [2,979,500]
Snakes Gap Shot Board (Feb 15-21) [4,365,960]
Crossroads Board (Feb 22-28) [3,200,000+]
Orbit Board (Mar 1-7) [3,744,330]
Above and Below (Mar 8-14) [5,000,000+]
Arches Board (St. Patricks Day Theme) (Mar 15-21) [3,656,290]
“Happy” Board (Mar 22-28) [4,274,690]

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2 Million Zuma Blitz Score

1.068.400 points in ZUMA BLITZ Facebook NO CHEAT

How to Fail at Zuma Blitz

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