Zynga Bingo

  • Genre: Bingo
  • Developer: Zynga
  • GD Star Rating

Zynga Bingo is the latest Facebook game from Zynga. This is another Social Bingo game… with a twist. Join your friends in a variety of action-packed rooms for some crazy fun. Chat with buddies as you play together in a room. Gain an edge with more friends!

Zynga Bingo gameplay is solid and offers all you need for a game of Bingo, winnings are distributed from first, second, and third places up to 30 possible winners.

In Zynga Bingo, for each marked number you get some experience, and you can collect special items from the specific marked numbers, as you level up you will unlock new rooms to play and new game rules. The energy system comes in the form of tickets you need to play, and those will refill over time.

All the other social option are present, you can play with your friends, chat with them while playing, send gifts, work for collections and achievements, etc.

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