Zynga Slingo

  • Genre: Bingo and Slots
  • Developer: Zynga
  • GD Star Rating

Zynga Slingo is a new Facebook Game from Zynga, a slots and bingo mix where players have to “spin the slot” using a certain number of available balls and match numbers on the same column to fill a bingo card.

You can bump up your score by earning balls and coins. Get a “bingo” by matching five numbers vertically, horizontally or diagonally, there also additional Patterns with additional rewards.When the free Balls come to an end you can by more, trade points for extra red balls or collect the points gathered, you can also attempt to finish the whole card for an added Bonus, it is just a matter of cost vs reward.

In Zynga Slingo you can also wager their points, the whole loot or just a percentage, and flip the devil v. cherub coin to potentially win big or lose it all.

Zynga Slingo currently is composed by five worlds, with several stages each, all stages have to be finished to open a new world.

Slingo offers players lots of visual effect, confetti, flashes, bright colors, and overall excellent presentation.

Zynga Slingo has two game modes, a stage mode where you play alone, trying to finish stages and goals for the highest possible score, and an upcoming “play with friends” mode.

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Zynga Slingo, 4.4 out of 5 based on 17 ratings

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